You are Fall Deep tone
# 봄 웜톤 Characteristics
Fall Warm Tone is a soft color with a calm and heavy atmosphere that gives a luxurious, strong, and comfortable feeling!Fall Deep has medium or dark skin tone with dark eyes and hair, so it shows a fancy and luxurious impression.
# 봄 웜톤 Color Palette
Fall Deep has 3 palettes of dark gray, dark, and deep toneFall Deep is perfect for primary colors with high saturation and deep colors. It goes well with medium saturation with low brightness colors, and needs to avoid pastel colors with low saturation with high brightness colors!
# 봄 웜톤 Makeup / Styling Tips

LipstickTone Down Red / Burgundy Brown / Brick Red / Brick Brown

여름 쿨톤이 어울리는 립, 틴트색
# 봄 웜톤 Celebrities

# User Personal Color Distribution
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