So what is thePersonal Colors?

#What is Personal Color?

It is a colorology theory that finds the best colors for a person's skin tone. Theory is based on the principle of harmony and incongruity of colors, and it is characterized by dividing all colors into four season types!

Personal color"diagnoses the color that suits individual's best, and it covers up their weakness and maximizes their strong points to create a positive and confident image, Usage of"personal colors affects individual life patterns, psychological conditions, and biorhythm, enabling a richer and more stable life!
Let's find out how My Personal Color categorizes the four seasons

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My Personal Color diagnoses the four seasons in 10 tones. It is"a sophisticated technology that examines the detailed tone based on the PCCS table by measuring users' brightness, saturation, color temperature, RGB value, etc. Let me"briefly explain the 10 detailed tones!

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Spring Light

It feels bright because it shows high brightness, but it looks good with a low saturated pastel tone. It feels warm when you apply pure lip color

Spring Bright

It is also called the Essence of Spring because it has a strong impression of blooming like spring. It gives a warm and lively feeling from high saturation and bright colors with high brightness!

Summer Light

The high brightness and subtle pastel tone suits you well! It feels more fresh and clear, and it has more white than SpringLight

Summer Bright

It's a color tone goes well with high brightness and high saturation. SummerBright is compatible with SummerMute and Summer lights since it's the tone in the middle!

Summer Mute

It looks good with toned-down pastel colors. The palette has the widest range of tones, so there are many colors you can pull off.

Fall Mute

It's Ivory and Brown color, but grayish color that is low saturation goes well. It has the widest palette like SummerMute!

Fall Strong

It's the color of medium brightness and high saturation, so you can go SpringBright colors with high saturation! It's also called the Queen of Shades since saturation is much more important than brightness.

Fall Deep

Low brightness with dark shades of colors suit you well, and it gives you a sexy charm. The palette is wide, but it needs to avoid from a pure pastel tone!

Winter Bright

High saturated vivid color goes well with pale and clear skin! However, if you don't wear colored makeup, you may look pale and plain!

Winter Deep

Low brightness with low saturated color with black mixed goes well with you! It is a tone has dark charm that reminds you of girl crush!