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# 봄 웜톤 Characteristics
Fall Warm Tone is a soft color with a calm and heavy atmosphere that gives a luxurious, strong, and comfortable feeling!Fall Mute has a gentle impression and an elegant atmosphere, so it has a mature and calm imageFall Mute goes well with toned-down warm tone colors, but it should not be too dark!
# 봄 웜톤 Color Palette
Fall Mute has 4 palettes of light pale and light grayish, soft, grayish, and dull toneFall Mute is belongs to medium saturation and medium brightness colors are oatmeal, ivory, indie coral, olives, and bright khaki go well together. It is better to avoid orange or red colors from any Spring types!
# 봄 웜톤 Makeup / Styling Tips

LipstickCoral Pink with Low Saturation / Fig / Tone Down Beige / Dried Rose

여름 쿨톤이 어울리는 립, 틴트색
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