You are Spring Light tone
# 봄 웜톤 Characteristics
Spring Warm Tone is a warm type that is vivid, bright and pale tone, and it gives you a lively and energetic feeling!Spring Light is a bright and soft color that goes well with the pastel tone, and it makes you elegant and pureSpring Light has bright and clear skin tone! But, dark tones and dark shading don't suit you!
# 봄 웜톤 Color Palette
Spring Light has a palette of pale and light tonePale and Light Tone is a high brightness and low saturation color. If you match a soft pastel tone that is not vivid, it will give you a delicate and pure innocent look!
# 봄 웜톤 Makeup / Styling Tips

LipstickApricot / Coral / Orange / Salmon Pink / Pale Red

여름 쿨톤이 어울리는 립, 틴트색
# 봄 웜톤 Celebrities

# User Personal Color Distribution
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