You are Winter Bright tone
# 봄 웜톤 Characteristics
Winter Cool Tone brings cold, intense, and intelligent feeling, so many people have a clean and sophisticated image! It has a clear and active image in a modern styleWinter Bright has pale skin with redness. Generally, they have an urban impression and has clear features and eyes! Vivid colors are perfect out of all winter cool tones
# 봄 웜톤 Color Palette
Winter Bright has a palette of strong and vivid toneWinter Bright suits vivid colors the best, but you can also pull off artificial colors such as neon and fuchsia colors. However, clean and clear makeup looks much better than shading makeup since the winter cool tone smudging easier!
# 봄 웜톤 Makeup / Styling Tips

LipstickFuchsia / Cherry Red / Purple Red / Plum / Cherry

여름 쿨톤이 어울리는 립, 틴트색
# 봄 웜톤 Celebrities

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