You are Winter Deep tone
# 봄 웜톤 Characteristics
Winter Cool Tone brings cold, intense, and intelligent feeling, so many people have a clean and sophisticated image! It has a clear and active image in a modern styleWinter Deep is smiliar to Fall Deep, but it's brighter and cooler. These bright and dark colors have a grater contrast! They usually have a strong and impressive image
# 봄 웜톤 Color Palette
Winter Deep has 3 palettes of dark gray, dark, and deep toneWinter Deep goes well with dark wine, purple, deep red, and other cool tone colors. When it comes to makeup and outfits, cool colors and achromatic colors are the best choices!
# 봄 웜톤 Makeup / Styling Tips

LipstickPlum Pink / Pink Red / Nutty Rose / Grape Wine / Tone Down Red

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